Our Partners



“Since she began her career in social work in 2006, Ashley Warnock has served the needs of local youth. She worked as a Children’s Services caseworker and later for a firm contracted to run group homes for underprivileged teens. Now a homemaker, Ashley wanted to continue helping. She and her husband, Andy, founded Dot’s Tots Foundation in 2013. The name of the Foundation is in honor of Andy’s late grandmother, Dorotha, a lifelong educator and constant provider of guidance, support, and love to all of her students and especially her grandchildren.

Through Ashley’s work in the foster care arena, she realized the scarce resources foster parents are provided to care for their growing families. Foster parents sacrifice their own wants to provide for less fortunate children. Dot’s Tots is equipped to raise up these families, especially so through the partnership forged in 2018 with Fostering Love. Dot’s Tots Foundation has proven well-equipped at raising funds to support its causes; Fostering Love is an engine for good with people on the ground making a positive impact in the foster care community. The combination of those strengths and resources has set the course for a dynamic and strategic enterprise between Dot’s Tots Foundation and Fostering Love.”

-Andy Warnock, Co-Founder of Dot’s Tots Foundation



City Campus Church

“City Campus Church is a Christian Church in the heart of the city of Columbus. We exist to engage both the city and the university contexts seeking to bring lasting and substantive change to both. We have witnessed the crisis of Foster Care in our city first hand and longed for a way to engage this issue in a holistic way that cares for the children, the caregivers, and the social workers alike. Fostering Love is an organization who does just that. We believe in this partnership and are optimistic that Fostering Love can fundamentally transform the foster care system in our city and beyond.”

-Ben Thompson, Founder and Lead Pastor of City Campus Church



Caring for Kids

“Caring for Kids, Inc. is a private, non-profit adoption, foster care, and birth parent services agency licensed in the state of Ohio operating since 1995. We believe that each child, regardless of gender, race, nationality or special need deserves a family.

Our mission is to provide children of all ages with the safety and security of a healthy and loving family. Our experienced and professional team is committed to providing the most complete and compassionate services to birth families, adoptive families and foster families. Fostering Love does an excellent job of bringing our foster families together to form connections with other foster parents. Fostering Love provides an environment where foster parents can talk with each other, find resources, and feel supported. We value our relationship with Fostering Love and appreciate the get-togethers, respite, and special activities they plan for foster parents and the children they parent. Caring for Kids is proud to partner with Fostering Love to help serve families and children.”

-Andrea Rubenstein, MSA, Licensed Social Worker



Adriel Logo

Adriel has a long and rich history of caring for children in need. Founded as the Mennonite Children's Home in 1896, Adriel's mission has always focused on serving those children who either have no family or whose family environment is not safe or healthy. Adriel has a strong continuum of care that ensures that children with varying treatment needs can be served. The ultimate treatment goal for all children served by Adriel is to return them to permanent and stable family life. The partnership with Fostering Love has been a blessing to our families. Adriel is a small agency and we wanted to do/give more to our families. The partnership with Fostering Love has provided extra support to our Foster Families. Foster Parent Night Out has been the biggest blessing. It allows Foster Parents a night to focus on self-care and the kids a night to meet other foster youth. Foster Youth often think “no one knows how I feel”, but Foster Parent Night Out, allows them to build necessary relationships to ensure that they are not alone. Adriel and our families are blessed to be partnered with Fostering Love and look forward to the future!”

-Anastasia Collier, Adriel Licensing Specialist/Consultant



Alicia's Closet

Alicia’s Closet is a nonprofit organization serving foster children and families in the Central Ohio area. We provide infant to teen size clothing, shoes, coats, backpacks, toys, baby accessories, and other essentials, at no cost to families. As foster parents ourselves, we understand firsthand the needs that exist within the foster care community. After becoming acclimated to life as foster parents, it quickly became apparent that tangible resources are a constant need, and thus, Alicia's Closet (named after our daughter) was born. Our son and daughter, both adopted from foster care, are our "why". Our kids are an integral part of this organization; they not only help sort and fold clothing, but they truly understand our mission as they have been in the shoes of the children we serve.”

-Maya Ward, Founder of Alicia’s Closet


Northwoods Foundation


“We believe in partnering with Fostering Love because our company is heavily involved in the human services field providing software and developing processes that help caseworkers and social workers working in income maintenance, child support, children protective services and adult protective services. We usually work with the social workers as they handle the child's case through the system. By partnering with Fostering Love, we provide opportunities for our employees to learn and volunteer on the other side of the coin - the families that work hand in hand with the social workers to provide the children with loving homes as they go through the process. We truly believe that what Fostering Love is doing is a critical piece in addressing the need of the thousands of families that become involved in fostering children and we hope to walk at your side as you continue your mission in Central Ohio and beyond.”

-Dennis Acosta, Northwoods Foundation Chairperson