Our Mission:

We foster love to foster care.

Our Vision:

Every child seen, every family known, every agency loved.



It is estimated that 438,000 children nationwide are in the foster care system, and roughly 40% of all households who begin the foster care process quit after just one year because there is not enough support.

God breathed a vision and a hope for the foster care system in Franklin County: Fostering Love.

In April 2017, Fostering Love launched a partnership with our first agency, Caring for Kids. Determined to follow God’s lead, we made it our mission to offer community and support to the foster families licensed by this agency.

Through monthly social events, relationships formed and revealed a need for respite, an opportunity for foster parents to rest apart from their children. With social events and respite nights, trust between the children, families, and the agency was established. As foster families found support through Fostering Love events, our vision began to grow.

God was at work and we were ready to join him.

Due to overwhelming success in our partnership with Caring for Kids, we established a second Fostering Love partnership with Adriel in August 2018.

With two stable partnerships we stand open handed for what God has next. We believe the best is yet to come.

We are committed to engaging our city, state, and nation to foster love to foster care so that every child is seen, every family is known, and every agency is loved.