Family Stories

“Fostering Love has been such a help for me as a single foster mom. The monthly respite care allows me to have a night off to relax and my daughter always loves the activity and fun. The free photography offered at the Friendsgiving event was just wonderful and turned out so well. I used it for our Christmas card - and that was icing on the cake to the fabulous dinner they provided. Thank you for being there for us!”

-Julie Boyd

Fostering Love Optimism

“We cannot say enough good things about Fostering Love. I don't think that we would have been able to foster for as long as we have without them. We feel filled up, supported, and loved and can't wait to keep fostering! As an adoptive and fostering family, Fostering Love has walked us through many of the joyful and hard stages that our family has been through. From providing much needed date nights, to watching our foster son so that I (Julie) could go to the dentist, they have been there. When a foster care placement has come in, they have provided our family with dinner. We know they care! Fostering Love spends a lot of time and energy on fun outings and activities that our family can do all together- a real treat for us as often paperwork, meetings with social workers and birth families, and just regular time with our jobs and time spent with our children make organizing "fun time" with our friends difficult. They don't say much, but I know that the people involved in Fostering Love are praying for us and for our family, as well as the kids that come to us. They love that they show us is real, tangible, and practical. Fostering love goes above and beyond to support our family through all the unique ways that it has grown. The people who volunteer have a heart for every member of our family and community and it shows! Our kids love going to FL respite events.  They have said that they know parents need date nights, but when they get there they know they are important too, and they always have fun.”

-Chris and Julie Faulkner

Father and son together on a tablet

“If I could describe Fostering Love with one word, it would be ‘Angels’. They came right when I needed them. I was so used to doing everything on my own, I didn’t know how to accept their help. Rachael evaluated my situation and realized that she needed to help take stress away from me, so they prepared meals for my family. They even included enough food for my mother that lived in another household. They are like that best friend that you grew up with -  when you talk to them they are great listeners, understanding, and know how to make you feel better. I can't stress enough how grateful I am and how wonderful the Fostering Love family is. Thank you!”

-Bernie King

Fostering Love

“The date was June 22, 2016. We got our first call to foster and our family grew from two to four kids overnight! Our lives were literally turned upside down!  We welcomed a sweet two year old girl and her three year old brother into our home and spent the next two months homebound and too overwhelmed to go anywhere with four kids! We had limited options with childcare because of our unique circumstances and date nights for my husband and I had vanished. All of our "free time" went to grocery trips and doctor's visits.It was difficult to keep up any sort of community with the other foster families in our agency that we had grown into this season with through our many hours of classes together. Then, we were introduced to a small group from a church who had a vision to help foster families in anyway they needed! An overwhelming response was for childcare and family gatherings to provide a feeling of community with other foster families. Fostering Love was born and has since spent hours playing with and loving on our children while we have date nights. Our favorite event to date is the annual "Friendsgiving" where we have shared a Thanksgiving meal and built deeper friendships with other foster families. We have also cherished the free family portraits that we had the opportunity to do at Friendsgiving for our Christmas cards! This group has truly been the hands and feet of Christ in action for our family and we adore them for all they do!”

-Ryan and Nicki Walton

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“Fostering love is amazing! When I tell people about my fostering experience and my agency I always mention Fostering Love! I love all of the events they host for us foster parents. I am a single foster mom and I currently have 4 foster kids. When they host family events, I always joke and say I actually get to sit down and eat my food while it’s hot! They help with my kiddos from the time I arrive until the time I leave and I appreciate it so much! Oh, and respite night is amazing! I love that I am able to have some “me” time while these wonderful people love on my babies! I honestly love just how caring and supportive they are! They are truly one in a million!”

-Brittanee Daniels

Parents with Foster Daughter